Monday, June 18, 2012

Why is it so quite here?

I had a great moment
            of synchronicity
That I thought
            I would share
I was alone
        A the bargain book store
 Hardly working
       Selling my wear
A ten year old boy
      with his mother
          had been having a look around
             and with all the other costumers gone
               no one was making a sound.
 And done my deeds
       I read my book
 About the "Electric Acid Test"
 LSD and Synchronicity
 The naked
Who kept getting undressed

 La Honda in the 1960's
Hell that was the place to be
I could see myself
    there too
        pulling pranks, with Ken Kesey
SO, who it it?
    That flew over the coo-coo's nest
         And went and labeled it insane
    Did the mantra of action and experience
 Get replaced
    By THIS
      Today so lame

 The little boy and mom
   Were winding down
As i got to
     The end of a page
   Because I was at a real good part
       Ken Kesey talking off the stage
 My thought on the 1960's fell
       But my head was in the clouds
              Why did it end
The total was 21.20
                        They didn't built? they just knocked down?
 This was an explanation
             I once heard
                But reading this I was disturbed
 Was it about building
          Or just returning to the earth?

 I gave the lady
     Her bag of books
 And my thoughts
           Started to fly
   and LSD
    Maybe God isnt all that high
 So why
     Have we stopped trying?
       To live a better world?
 Live in the moment
     As Kesey
          and the Buddha told
 Or has it always been this way
     In the hustle bustle world
        Is Tom Wolfe lying too?
         Why cant we live
           As Kesey preached
             Just shut up and DO!

 I look at the kid

          and Leary
             Are all gone
 Who will lead us now?
          I know what Ken Kesey would say
               Who needs a leader anyhow?

 An so I sit there
        Cultural solitude
           In the dry book store air
             When the kids asks his mom
 "Why is it so quite here?"........

I drop my book
    I understand
          I put on the radio
The music- ugh
   Isn't very good
         At least its a show

They leave
  and say good bye
And i say
    Come again
 I am living in the moment now
    Zen, Thanks to my little friend

 Perhaps the kid is right this time!!
    What can books reach?
       Life comes from experience
           You  have to live
            Before you teach

 I am going to think of this for a while
And perhaps, you should too!

I feel like the tortoise
     - who finally caught the hare

 I.....was the reason

 It was so quite here!

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