Thursday, June 7, 2012

Greeting cards

Clever messages, prerecorded down onto cardboard paper
They become mass produced and meaningless.
No more development of feelings, left for the masses.
We will convey how you feel about your father for you.

And whats underneath, the message and the gift card given.
Apathy perhaps, and a lost chance to communicate through expression.
Divide and conquer the masses. We dont even, have to keep them silent
If we give them things to say to one another, they will never say the things they mean.

"You were too busy working, but I guess I forgive you"
Happy birthday.
Could that lead to disaster, a future father and son sitting fishing.
That means less money spent on fast food, and Playboy's and greetting cards.

I can find plenty of cute critters and dirty jokes on the internet
I dont need an isle in my convince store to make chuckle away my true feelings.
I'll write my own messages, thank you.
"Dear Father"

"Let burn greeting cards together while discussing the foils of modern civilization"
" lets get angry and drunk at all the shit mom made you built to live the American dream"
"lets start a club for men and go to war, Fathers and sons; with or goverment, or maybe with England for old times sake".
"Happy Birthday" ...enclosed please find no gift.

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