Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mamba and Samba

The mumba music filled the room so infectiously, that it was hard to breath.
Out of the corners You could hear the mumba music come off every individual
And gather slowly into the middle. A universe of illogicalness collapsing on itself.
MUMMMBA MUMMMBA it rocked. AND all danced to its mumba glory.

A goodbye to the warrior who hated Latin Beats, and still MUMBA was all we heard.
A samba player sung Spanish love songs and the for a moment everyone joined in.
SAMBA SAMBA SAMBA. One girl in particular sang samba well.
Samba he proclaimed proudly, like a caveman discovering the monolith.

But as he turned, nightmare and reality blended together and all you heard was MAMBA. 
SAMBA he protested. SAMBA is BETTER. "it is!" they cried still dancing the mumba.
One by one they all betrayed him to the realities that this was a Mamba party.
I told him nothing till he left in anger. When I did he insisted I knew nothing of Spanish music.

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