Friday, December 26, 2014


Damn I ‘m tired of you
And all of your problems
Looking at me
Like you expect me to solve them
I ain’t Sherlock
But you my Watson
Homie I get it
But if you ask me one more question
Homie you might regret it.
I got so much shit in my head
And you just keep on spilling
Like I am a movie projector
And your life is on the reeling.
I don’t need any more pressures
I don’t need any more problems
I am unemployed, alone and living
In half of an apartment.
Your shits like a returned item
Without a department
And to deal with it my brain
Has to create a separate compartment.
But I am trying to keep my mind together
At this space and time
Trying to define
What’s yours and what’s mine
I am not trying to throw away what ours
But it taxing man
Cause when you’re empathic
There ain’t a relaxing stance.
They tell you expand you consciousness
And who you are
But while they give you directions
They don’t tell you how far
You have to travel to go form earth to mars
Space is enormous
And there are too just so many stars.