Thursday, June 18, 2015


We are the div"I"ne.
Lost in Time.
Forever bound with mortal twine.
But Freedom, is just but, an eye-blink away.
Wake up and feel the embers of the shores.
As they wash upon your soul and -Say-,
they do upon the whispers of the wind.
Retwine and rewind back to the div"I"ne.
Unleash, undress, unwind and let your ego.... go
To the places that it and you do not know.
Where angels are more but mere concepts with wings.
And words are but the wisdom,
That to harbor, a ship brings.
And sings and sangs and sails and praises all aloud,
is that which the rain clouds........ sends away.
In winter, you can have a sunny day.
But first, rejoice and give big voice for that which you.... have
Not that what not.
And let fear, fall vagrant to the ground, like old dry skin.
A serphant you must be, decline and shed the layer of the odlest thee.
And hear the trupmets sore all about
As all the mighty and devout
discover what they have been all along.
And meet the God that sought for "o so" long.
And then, it would not be so blasfamous to say....Upon that day....
That "I am God."
As long as you also relay
That so is God, all and who about.
Me, her and you and it are part of the div"I"ne ,and the devout.
But we the "I", see but too much
and DINE that I
Till it is
("I") "V" 's ("D""i""n""e")
and we fall into the consumption of ourselves.
But Rain and Sunshine both are the dev"Ine
And so is every breath
Once you discover that truth to depth.