Saturday, June 23, 2012

To Emmy Em

I am like a moth, to the flame of dat ass.
And as I watch you, shake it fast.
I feel like, some sort of industrious animal.
A sort of non-barbaric cannibal.

Your the first girl I felt this about, under the context
But I feel like maybe, there is some sort of pretext,
A prologue- connection and opening act
That maybe requires a sequel.

I look at you as an equal.
And not only in that I don't find you work demeaning.
But that, as you work it...
you input a meaning, into every moment.

So I guess, because I am superstitious
And easily quenched by my doubts
I felt suspicious
About...approaching you on a face to face basis. 

And telling you
That I think you are amazing.
And that though, in your put on a mask, 
I think I've obtained enough facts

To be interested in finding more about you..
Over dinner. 
Now I hope, that you thus don't think me a sinner.
Or think that my feelings are thinner..then truth

I have no expectations
or wants or demands,except that I hope,
That the context, under which we shook hands,
Doesn't impact my chance

I wont feel deserted
I am not perverted
And if you say no
All the bridges, will stand...still unbroken.

And you can rest assured,
I don't just think of you, as a token.
I just want a moment of you, in my time
To grease up the grind, of my day to day life.

And I hope that this does not cause you strife
But even  though my request is full of meaning
If you say no, it wont be demeaning.
I wont feel stifled

So I guess this poem is just a chance trifle
But its the only way I could get up my courage to act.
Otherwise your in my mind like a tact,
On a tact-board, but without a note.

So humbly, I will... await your answer.
I see in you more, then an exotic dancer..
I know a cafe, where you can drink coffee like wine
And all that I want, is to show you a good time.

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