Monday, June 18, 2012

The Editor

The editor is in a sacred position
Because the owners without realizing it,
Put the control of their product,
Into the hands of another,
Who humanizes and universalizes the product
That would otherwise be thought to be owned by the owner.
The editor is the safe key,
Against the owner’s attachment to his creation.
And although the official editor might do a majority of the work on something,
We are all editors in our interaction with that work.
Nothing can simply be given.
There is no such thing as a gift that does not give back.
When you give something, you receive back always;
And from this interaction an objective finished project is made
A synthesis of two....or maybe an infinite amount
Of subjectivity.
To this extent the role of the critic is seriously jeopardized,
Because subjective opinion in art, loses meaning.
Thus the role of the editor and critic in art
And in life is the same.
The best critics are merely editors;
And an editor is merely a critic.

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