Monday, June 18, 2012

The shelter, not home

I look upon God's fingerprints,
Guilty of the sin
He wont quite admit, what hes done;
But shh... I'll let you in.
It not really a secret,
But alert I still was found
When I found god,
And he found me
And I woke up profound.
You dont believe,
Or better yet
You believe what you will!
But belief is is like a red robin
Upon the window still
A fleeting little memory
Of all that ever was
As this fair bird flies south to safety,
It is a herald for its cause.
I dont know the destination
Of god nor bird nor man,
But each flies, to whatever safety it can

Let go of inhibitions,
Became one with bird and God
Transcend your fears and structures,
And wings shall grant you shelter,
That you only thought you had

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