Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Who Should Fetch the Olive Branch?

When Noah’s Ark was riding high, upon the oceans tide.
Corroding wood just scarping by, to hold the pairs inside.
The doves sat in their little cage, their isolated throne.
Together as the chosen pair, the last; but not alone.

And though there came no sign of land.
The arranged pairs sailed on
To follow some odd God's command
Of redemption past atone.

Here predator let prey subside
The rat, the cat, the dog
All hoping for a break in life
A lifting in the fog.

Their ways before, abandoned now
A break-up in the chain,
An assumption of redemption,
Upon termination of the game.

And had beast finally atoned.
For the hunger of his feed?
And had man finally atoned
For his ego and his greed.

Forgiveness from the universe
Motion attained in being still
A final given pairing,
To gradually quail the will.
A solemn shared reflection
With one who shares your view.
A goose, a moose, gazelle, and Eve
You didn’t know you knew.
A pairing of the similar
In a chorus of the same
Where food and eater both looked up
To sing some strange refrain.
And each with only one thing left,
For which the Lord to thank.
With need and desperation gone
Evil slowly lost its rank.
For 40 days and nights
They sailed in utter bliss
And nothing left their broken tongue
No wanting, but for kiss.
Paired up in equilibrium
Inside a wooden throne
Together the forgotten pairs,
Collectively alone.
And though it made no sense at first
Gods will was thus maintained.
As those within the vessel
Of fear and want were drained.
Armed, Winged, and Clawed with good intentions
They craved for little else but
Holy, imperfect, reflections of
Views upon themselves.
And so a period sanguine, gave way in utter cause.
Where with content desires, evil took its pause.
And hoping that they understood, God raised his weary hand
And quailed the raging sea, till it gave rise to land.
But mistaken in omnipotence
A perfect oversight.
God and man failed to realize
The isolated freight.
An accidental incident
Good natured though the same
Replaced all of knowledge learned
And reinstalled the game.
And though an honor was bestowed
Upon the white winged dove
He gave no care or thought of land,
He only cared for love
And separated from his cage
By Noah’s careless hand.
Both Voyager and his maiden
Had lost the final strand.
In jealous isolation
The dove had grown to brew
A mistrust of the God he loved,
That he no longer knew.
For what perverted deviant
Would strip away the world
And leave but one sole totem,
Through which all life was told
And then in slow and gruesome torture
Some utter plan unfold,
To take away the last article
That you have in the world.
And though the dove came back again
With olive branch in hand.
The brief separation,
Ruined Gods perfect plan.
And upon disembarking
A shadowy rumor grew,
And dove and hawk both took the skies
But deep inside they knew.
And to this day, each ruins the world
Each hoping to atone,
Not afraid of God, the universe
But of dieing alone.
And so it comes that martyr
As he takes his perfect stand
Will die upon the cross with smile
But he needs his one grand strand.
And so lack of martyrs
And so lack of change
Can finally be beset up
And honestly explained
For who should fetch the olive branch
From Gods all knowing hands
If it means leaving in a cage,
The only one who understands?
So many think in error,
That man has cowardice unfold
When he stares into the abyss
So small, he is no longer bold.
But learned from the holy dove
Not as holy as we thought
We are not afraid of gaining more
But losing what we sought.
And even worse upon hells throne
Are those who never gained
Perpetually alone
As if by life detained.
So if you ask, why men rage war
Or drill the hills for gold
Remember the olive branch exists
As it did in times of old.
But no one listens to Gods plan
And no one finds the bough
Alone no one has the courage
To embrace something new,
So neither beast, nor man will ever thus
Attain God’s perfect throne.
For like the dove freed from his cage,
Each fears to die alone.

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