Friday, June 8, 2012

Sun and Rain

There is that parable of the little boy, who refused to take of his raincoat.
The sun and clouds had a bet as to which could take it off him.
I wear my raincoat, my security...and as the clouds did, you try to whither up a storm.
I understand it cant last forever, and that the security of the raincoat is in my head,
but let me feel dry.

I am looking towards the sunny days, when I can take it off myself.
I had a sunny day yesterday, and was in a sunny mood.
I was building a hanger, slowly and surely on which it could rest forever.
But every time you, or someone else blows up this storm.
I tighten the straps and go back to bed.

I know the world is a cold wet place, but I just wanna feel the sun.
I know how to get out of the rain.
I dont want to make the mistakes, the others did and spent all my times indoors.
A little rain never hurt nobody,
sometimes when you get naked in the sun, the rain can come along
and you can just accept it. 

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