Saturday, June 23, 2012

Women of the streets ( AKA RUSSIAN DISCO)

Are you a women of the streets?
Standing where the light post and darkness meets
Performing wonderful feats
I swear to God, I love dark meat.
But I have never been with a
black girl before.

Regardless I don't think you're a whore.
I just keep coming back for more
Even though I've never had a slice
in all my life
I want the whole pie.

On Broad and Ontario
Your hair, you really let it go
but still your body is petite.
And your a women of the streets
Standing where law and justice meets
Just being fine
While you smell of pine.
I think I want dark meats.
i sometimes wonder if tastes
any different.

Once you go black. you can go back.
but seeing as you are on crack
I might never see you again
And all we, both want is a friend

A prostitute 
is destitute
a massage parlor 
is to far
but while I am here in my car
I wish that I could stop
and discuss philosophy with you. 

you are a women of the streets
And though I really crave dark meats.
I think I will just by some ham.
Becasue you love is just a sham

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