Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Scenes from a Belltower Reunion

What's the matter with my sense of perception
"Can't we just agree to disagree.
Why do you have to be so insulting?
Raping me cognitively.
I guess you haven’t heard of dissonance honey?
You can't afford culture till you’re making that money."
Everybody's talking' bout the new found freedom
Funny, They sound black and white to me

So you disagree with the thought I am thinking?
I am sorry it wasn’t argued logically
Why should I adhere to a thought system
Trying to assimilate me in orthodoxy.
Nowadays you can't be too sentimental
Cause progress and money should be driving your mental
New Age, from an ancient Page, or the saying’s of a drunken sage
It’s still black and white to me

Oh, it doesn't matter how our culture has progressed
'Cause it's always been the same old scene.
Every hipster has a “new thought”, buddy
That you can’t find in scripture or a magazine.
And argues both Old man and TEEN

How about we just dub it dumb pseudoscience
Or then add, that it has no practical reliance?
"You could really be a real man of defiance
If you just give the archaic alliance half a chance
Don’t waste your time reading pre gurgled doxy,
Your thoughts are legit, even if you’re ODing on an Oxy."
Ayn Rand, take a stand, agree with Russel Brand, anyways
You’re sound black and white to me


What's the matter with the language I am using?
"Don't you know that my white grammar is bad?"
Should I try to change my form of expression?
So I don’t make the policeman mad.
Do you know about comics, poems and graffiti
Or are do you believe those forms of writing too seedy."
Catch Phrase, Meme Phase, the ramblings of a drug Craze
You’re still black and White to me.

Everybody's comparing old and new thought baby
But, you sound black and white to me.


To be beset by black and white
And to be made to choose
And in such choice not lose to grey
Nor to sink to all the blues
To glitter Silver like the moon
Or golden like sun
But do try, not to shine too bright
Or they'll take away your fun