Monday, June 18, 2012

Tarot Deck ...part 1

I sometimes sit and imagine, when I have questions.
The archetypal manifestations; of those sent to help me answer them.
I separate the Major Arcana from the deck,
And think about the person out there, I connect the most with each card.

I am the Magus, the multiarmned magician.
Stretching my arms throughout the deck.
Card #1; Holding- Fire-Water-Air-Earth
A Magic Scroll-and a bit of everything else that connects each to each.

I am the jack of all trades - master of none
The undeclared freshman, a blob
And while many are searching for a meaning in life
I am becoming a manifestation of that search.

I strive to build up forwards the deck
Hoping to become more like The Chariot, or The High Priestess
To learn enough from my friends and enemies that I become--The Universal
Hoping to channel everything through me.

My one buddy, smoking weed
Is the High Priestess, card # 2.
Dissatisfied with the unnaturalness of the human universe.
He lives inhumanly and unnaturally, not because of corruption

But as a sign of rejection.
A clean martyr, leaving filthily and basically.
Mirroring on his inside, the extravagance of beauty.
And on his outside, the pettiness of ugliness.

He is like a tree, that has accepted plastic
As a form of subsistence
He has forgotten about the muggled roots below,
He cares no longer about the sewer at his feet.

He yells loudly, at anything that will impede
The growth of his branches.
A man who has unwillingly and bitterly accepted the past.
For him these is no going back, only growing upward.

Then there is the Empress
My childhood friend, and card # 3
A healer, she innocently stands against corruption
Though she has never had the joy of being corrupted.

She is stuck in her ways, but steadfast.
Ambitiously hoping to obtain the unachievable.
She maintains her light, in med school,
Where the florescent light bulbs put her brightness to shame. 

They want her to be sterile,
But she has never experienced the dark.
Like a antibody, without a virus at it core ,
She lacks the darkness

But it is perhaps braver still to be a light
In a well lit room, then a light in the dark.
Perhaps she has obtained the ego death
She shines, for others, not to light up her own inner darkness. be continued in part 2.

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