Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Night

There are millions of people who will say
It matters not what comes er break of day.
As long as you spend the night
Besides the one(s) you love,
I am not advocating that we run away.
I am not the type who sails a ship that sways.
I just sail with the one(s) I love.
And sell my currents on the shore
Of any beachs or bitches...I desire.
But all I know
And this I know for sure
Is when you fall in love;
You just want to love more
But things get in the way
So just forget to-day
And spend your night
With one(s) you love.
Contemplate all the pearls
Of their face.
Wind round those curves
and then try and place.
Rewind you time
and try and unlace
Dress back up
and then
try to get
Naked again.
It all depends on what you're running from.
Sometimes you dont know what you're running from
But if you know who you are running too
It brightens up your point of view
And no matter how dreary your day
You spend you nights with one(s) you love.  

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