Friday, October 10, 2014


The eternal meows are eternal. They do not meow away, they meow for comfort, and control. Oh to be a meow.....a Mr Meow, a Misses Meow, a Meow of many sorts. For Meow is the way, and woof is the road. Purr. Purr Your leg and MEOW MEOW MEOW. Look at me and Meow, for you might not Meow to see toMeowrow. A meow by any other sound is still a meow....and wow. For Mr Kitty holds the Meows of God inside his soul, and he lets Meow lose on to the drafty world. The whiskers of poop and cherishment, the eyes like saucers made of gold, and Meow in case you have not been told. Those who do not purr, know not the ohm of life, cause every silent purr screams like a knife, in the middle of a night. The night your lost control and Meow to get attention from the cat. The cat transcends both time and place, it goes to every corner where mice race and Meows. In Cairo circa 4000 BC a meow was meowed so gracefully, that still that meow is heard around the world. A meow that folds; both space and time, eternal in each and every paradigm. If i had only had a dime for every Meow I heard, I would buy a cat for my toy, For what is chess, but a game,which any cat can just so easily collapse. For through its grace, both black and white kings fall silent. A single rook remains, and a queen leans softly on his leg, until he goes to lick his balls or where they used to be. Meow to D3. CHESSMATE. Those who denounce the meow have me to answer to, and I will shove my boot so far up your ass, that you might hiss. Embrace the meow. No other game holds any other value. And if you understand the words I said Meow back into the eternal Meow, Meow right here on this thread, lets see how many of my friends can feel. For meow might be the only thing thats real.....meow on

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