Wednesday, July 11, 2012


We had bad luck at the first strip bar we went too
Where the girls looked like they swallowed machinery
Cellulite and debauched dreams, all in their 40's
They looked like that crook from The Dark Knight
Who had swallowed the cellphone bomb
But the only Joker in their life was fate.
We moved onto another,
Where my fare was covered by someone.
Lap-dances, were given for free
But the girls were to heavy for me
Although considerably better looking
We both kept being drawn to the floor.
Sliding off the chairs.
While one of these trumpets was on top of me
Pulling me down into the abyss on the linoleum floor
Anton managed to get his girl on stage
In order to voyeur out her pre wedding jitters.
But someone got too comfortable
And Anton wound up throwing them
They got kicked out,
But I was too drunk to figure out what happened
My view had been abstracted.
We left an hour later.
4 people in the front seat of a pick up truck
Driving down the wooded lanes of Texas
With only one headlight, at 80 mph
Family, and after all
Home is where the heart is
And this place has more hearts
Then a bagful of Lucky Charms
The back of our heads rested
Against a loaded shotgun
In case we saw any deer on the way
Free to take, easy to spot.
And plenty of mouths hungry for Venicine
When we arrived at the property,
40 acres of it
We took a golf cart to its middle
A minute ride which led to a pond
Where we lit tiki torches and spent the night
Avoiding misquotes in the middle of nowhere
Sitting on lawn-chairs
Surrounded by nothing
But the silent and constant chirping of crickets
And by heap-fulls of useless junk
That had been dumped in the woods 
Refrigerators, and cabinets, and an old bicycle
All over and random like they fell out of the sky.
And above, when the moon didn't shine
The starts peaked through.
We talked about traveling the world
While Anton's friends chewed Skoal.
And even though I had been on 8 hours of sleep
In the last 3 days, i felt immortally awake and aware.
Dozing off, on the car ride home I kept awake by
Sticking my hands out the window
And following the air current
We got home and fell asleep
Getting up the next day
Setting everything up for the wedding.
Which was nice, with an interesting crowd.
The couple and reception lovely
I talked about conspiracy theories
With a local advertising executive.
And leaving, now with both Mr and Mrs Alvey
We drove home again, where i slept like a horse,
I imagine Anton, though equally tired, did not sleep that night

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