Friday, July 6, 2012

Faberge - Part 1 (Part of musical)

When the lightning struck the tower
Like the tarot readings say
And the news it fell upon us
On our shoulders to dismay
The death of our beloved
Like the crumbling of the ruins
What we know and what we covet
We are all just merely fools.

Underneath we stand united
With the gravel at out feet
Though the tower may be broken
We will live with the deceit
And the light that shines upon it
Lights the tower, night and day
Bringing all the ships to harbor
Which want to go astray

Here we are, we are just conman
Here we are, we have no home
Thankful that we found each other
So we do not stand alone.

So you ask
How do we feel now?
That our elder man has gone
With the thundering disaster
How will we all go on?
Are we now so cynical that
 We won’t believe
 Is there an idealism
We can no longer conceive
But the truth is really- truly
We are the honored ones who earned
For the man who died before us
Had his reality confirmed
We were the only ones naïve enough
And brave enough to see
That we don’t care what illusions

Well historians will tell you
That history is a lie
All that is told to you, is just a by and by
History written by the winners
The black weren’t really slaves
They were willing well rewarded servants.
And one day they will get paid.
The philosophers will tell you
That they spent so many years
Learning that the only thing man wants
Is to confront his fears.
But we go out in the big world
Where the business leaders meet
And we scramble for some bread
And we look down at our feet.
For the doors we cannot open
And the things we can not say
Comes out of our mouths like tokens,
On a dreamy dead subway.

Faberge is in the harbor
Faberge is in the bay
Buried somewhere in a bank vault
Buried where he would not say.
But if we read his conscious
Buried deep within his soul
He let out all of his secrets
We took them into our tome
So we stand with him departed
The peak now looks to steep
We feel a little bit retarded
We believed a bit too deep

So in isolation
Together we grow to brew
A respect for a man we got to know
But who we never knew
Truthfully, we all have secrets
That we really truly hold.
Things we cannot let out easily
Into an already foggy world

What is this revolution?
That has come upon today
Revelations left ungranted
Leaving us all felt betrayed
So we all stand together
For we cannot stand alone
Faberge might be the answer
Faberge becomes our home
It might all be a delusion
Just a peasant’s fantasy
But I am glad I know it
Cause, illusions are very real to me.

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