Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tarot Part 3

The seventh seal is an Astral Chakra.
The Chariot, the proactive, the immovable force-object.
Touring the world, looking for sun and starlight, he hails from Texas
The liquidator, he recently wed.

The storyteller, he is experince incarnate.
Transmuting knowledge theoretically,
But it seems he builds with theories.
The world to him is a game,

And he invest himself in the rules and blueprint.
Making sure to maintain communication between all players.
He explains complex ideas to simpler people,
And simple ideas, to the people who ignorantly dismiss them.

He breathes paradox,
"The Prince" "The Art of War".
Order comes from chaos, understanding from ignorance.
The pragmatist, he rules the physical.

Sophisticated redneck; shooting fireworks with shotguns
And downing spoonfuls of cinnamon.
The problem solver, like an alien, writing out our lives
Backwards, so that no one notices, in his little black notebook.

Eve or Kata; they are too easily confused.
For many men they are the muse
The eighth wonder of the world

Sexual, getting in everywhere for free
Because of her DD's.
She explores randomly.
From musicians in basements of alleyways, to India. 

Where will she go?
What will she do?
Will she come back?
Has she even been here before?

The fool on the hill
Breasts in the clouds
Her seduction whispers perfectly loud
But nobody understand her, cause they think...

You talk to her and she orgasms
You play for her and she convulses.
She is a sister of mercy.
A poet, a nun, and a virgin whore.

"As someone long prepared for the occasion
In full command of every plan you wrecked
Do not choose a coward's explanation
that hides behind the cause of the effect." - LC

You can write her a love song.
But Helen has many suitors.
However poor Ulysses, site at home.
While she sails home- towards the Sirens.

I know three "Hermits", 3 nines' 
One is JFR, he is a hermit of the mind.
Nah, he is a hermit to his mind.
Casting empathy, he is fragile,

He needs someone to explain to him.
The notion of action.
Full of fear and reason- mixed
The only cocktail he drinks.

He can come up with a universe
That supports his answer,
But it will be to a question no one asked
And he will probably be wrong.

A dangerous man to take a car-ride with
He will equate all your failings to his;
He doesn't have that many,
But he lives in the moment of his failings.

A real fucked up Buddha,
If you ask me.
But his friends always explain it away
To his rampent and isolated worshiping of Devils.

Then there is JFB, a neighbor of the High Preistess.
JFR, if his parents paid attention to him.
He is a man-child,a white and pasty Micheal Jackson
A coin however with two sides.

James Bond seems to be more fitting
A wolf of the courtroom, in sheep's clothing.
Who after anouther flawless litigation,
Will jump in the puddle of his way home.

He never lost a case,
He scuba-dives and flies airplanes
He knows rocket science
And the chemical makeup of the universe.

His Dinner manners are a thing to be desired.
He asks for separate checks, and half filled coke glasses
With the lemen wedge granted on Eastward
And no ice, and then pays for everyone's meal.

A man who is in his fifties
He insists he is six
A good man to know
A tough man to understand.

Finally there is my brother
Who is not a hermit at all.
But being 15 years my minor.
It would be hard to bring him into the deck

He is as his sign implies, a man of beasts.
He loves animals, and cares for them.
Isolating himself to treating them like people
We are only animals too, in his eyes.

A dog, a cat, four rabbits,
Three turtles, ten chickens.
Two outdoor fish, A 13 fish seawater aquarium
And a frog named Bubba, all belong to a 12 year old.

His day consists of school, sleep, and cuddeling
Feeding this one, watching TV with this one.
He is an introverted artist.
He picks up skills like music and art and dance.

He is unexpectedly bright.
I sometimes wish my parents had him sooner.
As we get older our difference shrinks.
One day he will no longer be the Hermit.

JFR and JFB however,
Will always stay inside
They are the  three Hermits
One Unwillingly, one willingly, and one temporally.

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