Monday, September 15, 2014

The Crown's Clown's Obesrvations

Will you ever understand?
Class is not about money!
It’s about how you treat others
Who you say “can’t be as good as me”
It’s about how you react
To a joke that’s kind of crass
Whether you are pliable
Or a hard brass metal Ass.
When you wife’s shiny teal bike
Get stolen in the night
Will you say you’ll kick their ass?
And pound your chest and whine in freight
They can take you from your home
But you choose to hold on too tight
And even though, you claim to like the darkness
I know you’ve seen the light
You’re new money all the way
40k each and you still scream
But the other peoples whispers
Say you play for the wrong team
So go on and get ahead
Play that rat race, they all play
Get some money in your pocket
And make sure the roads get paved
Climb to the top
Make sure it worth your life
And then come to realize
There is no real top in a hive.
I hear you buzzing in my ear
Asking when I’ll feed my queen
But the flowers in the valley
Are much more serene
Mr. Lecture
Mr. Frown
Mr. My roommate is a clown
Turn around and head the other way…Down…
To find the treasure that’s been eluding you
See the rich are not concerned
With wanting anything
Apathetic to the last
They convinced you things
Can fulfill your dream
But those very things you own
End up owning you
Especially when you own
A conceited Bougey point of view.
Though your coffers may be full
All that you will ever be
Is a kid lost in a maze
Claiming “this not where I
Was meant to be”
I am sorry you grew up poor
But unless that’s how you want to stay to be.
Change your view of the world
And how seriously you’re treating me
Jokes are koans in disguise
I spit Magicks for your eyes
But you don’t want to recognize
So you believe I am tricking you.
How the masses will react
Will they cheat, rape, kill, burn, and steal
Are the topics for poor rich
Too gluttonous from their first meal
And the new rich are still poor
And they will always be
Because they do not love the world
Which they are forced to see
There are povs richer then you
At least they have community
But you only keep around
The reflections that you want to see
So the Crown can be in rags
And clown can be in stitches
Laughing at your ass
For ignoring what he preaches
It is true I am the fool
Who wrote all the presidential speeches
Thanks Obama, but
It you and her mama
Who are causing all the drama
Stare darkly at hole 13
The abyss is there is sub-par
You’ll be ok if you bring you clubs
If you still know where we are
Aiming for a hole in one
Is not totally unrespectable
Unless the asshole that you are,
Is too yourself undetectable.
You say that I’m a troll
But that means you’re scared of a doll
Does the rainbow in my hair
So legitimately frighten you
And you want all to partake
In your impotent rage
But we all flipped the page
Left the stage
Realized that anger
Will only keep us in a cage
It seems we shake you up
Good Asshole- Leave the ground
Otherwise you’ll never age a cheese
That tastes profound.
You say I have an Ego too
You can point out what you see
But the lack of self I see in you
Is the self I see in me.
Confidence is not the same
As vanity and pride
I am not saying you are awful
But you have shit to hide.
I describe two different rooms
Say that they are not the same
But you think I am attacking you
Because your ego is too vein
No matter how I invite you in
You want to stay in your room
Claiming that only in there
Can you maintain your mental boon
And I say travel around
Get many a point of view
But you only want to focus
On the walls that you pursue
So you ask why we departed
Focus strongly on a crime
But we didn’t choose to leave you
We just slowly changed our mind
There’s a gap to be transgressed
This I don’t deny
But you view it as abandonment
Shake your head and cry.
But the gap is not in time
And it will never be
It’s the gap
In which you open up your mind
And start seeing how we see.
I guess your room is cool too
But that’s just not who we are
Cause when were in that room
We did not get very far.
So don’t think, that I can’t hear
As your soul seems to scream
But my empathy lies only
With playing for my own team.
If you want a jersey boy….
Your number will be the same
But the team that we now play for
Plays a different sort of game.
I have been to where you’re headed
I am not ahead
You’re not behind.
It’s just that I found a better way
To lose your fucking mind
You can only climb so high, but
There is only so much at the top.
And you might as well let go
You’re still headed for the drop.
Maybe the reason you’re so low
Is because you got too high
And now you sit in your tower
Watching your life pass you by.
We are higher, down below
Then you will ever be
You’re stuck in your Ebony tower
Because you refuse to leave. 
Past the gate and past the guard
Past your wife and past your job
Past the bikes that are both stolen
And the assholes that keeps robbing you
Lies a world you have not seen
Except maybe in a dream
But you have to let God in
To let him become a part of you.
Its not ignorance to smile
When you should wear a frown
Its just means that you’re productive
When life tries to knock you down
Churchgoers are third eye open
But you think they’re 2 eyes blind
Because they smile, even in tragedy,
While you slowly lose your mind.
I am not saying you’re a savage
I am not saying you’re a fiend
If I caught the man who stole my bikes
They’d arrest me from the scene
I am not saying
Nor am I spraying
That I don’t like who you are
I am merely simply stating
That will only get you so far.
I am not saying things don’t happen
I am not critiquing how you react
I am just saying “it’s a thing”
But you treat things like they’re facts
You have many preconceptions
Don’t let them be the death of you
Don’t stare too long into the sun
It might burn your other points of view.
So in closing and summation
I don’t criticize your life or wife
But the milk is past expiration
And it’s causing tons of strife.
 Don’t let them steal your heart
Just because they stole your Tandem
It’s an intricacy of life
Don’t get angry, it’s all random
Chaos has the bestest answer
Letting go of who you are
Heisenberg said the less we know
Can help us determine just how far
How far an item will travel
How far will you get in your life?
If you let every little issue
Cause you such a huge strife
I am not saying don’t get angry
I am not above getting mad
But just because you lost you bicycle
Doesn’t mean you lose your head
See the picture as I see it
Is they built a filter of society
To keep you from achieving
Interaction with humanity
They keep you in a maze
Confusing you with energy
Till you don’t know how you are
Or where everyone was meant to be
Human aren’t meant to interact
In a web we did not weave
It a very have burden
For us to just receive.
Preconception and positions
Are woven in too tight
And we have to choose a fortune
Or we will be faced with freight.
But the problem with this structure
That is modern day society
Is that though it will soon rupture
Your exactly were you meant to be.
You filled out a survey
Choose your answers
Got in line
Laughing meanwhile at the pracers
Who slowly bind they’re time.
But when the ship goes down
You’ll be buckled to where you’re meant to be
But I will be outside
Cause out here its always truly free.
That’s the really dirty secret
The rich exploit and understand
That no other man, men, woman
Can give you a true command
Do what thou wilt
Shall be the whole of the law
Don’t let others peoples visions
Tell you what you saw.
Don’t scream facts like new money
Acting like you know the way
The real rich think it’s kind of funny
It’s a twisted game they play.
But if you slowly whisper
That you are not really sure
Then you can be welfare
But you will never be poor.
That’s the ironic part
About our society
Is that the chairs that we are bent too.
Are purely imaginary.
And the Rich will always scream
And the Richer will always whisper
But if you drop out of their game
You will find the Fall to be crisper
Butterflies too leave the tree
But they’re beauty is profound
Because they don’t need the Elm
To not fall and hit the ground.
You can both float like a butterfly
And sting like a bee.
But some fights are not worth fighting
I just wish that you could see.
So this poem is about much more
Then that someone stole your bike
But to you, my entire messages will only be
The words of pretentious lazy kike.
And until you highness is willing
To give my feelings agency
I will always be the clown
That is fooling with the Regency.
And the Crown will be in rags
And the clown will be in stitches
Laughing at your ass
For ignoring what he preaches.

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