Sunday, September 14, 2014


My Problem With Psychology

Psychology is a field that tries its hardest to teach us the intricacies of the individual and social human brain and how it works. In order to do this psychology has several avatars, several totem polls around which the witch-craft of its practice unfolds. Many of these totems are ancient trees with there trunks well-connecting to a period way before Freud ever came upon a man with a pen in his mouth. Many of these are more recent and sociological, some are behavioral. Some are so engrained in the mesh between society and person that you cant split them apart. Lecan, Jung, Freud, Skinner, Milgrim all join together to create a forest. And in this forest of many trees, an eerie event unfolds. Many times one sees the same animals in its wood but from different angels. To this effect you can practice the observation of the forest with a deck of Tarot cards, or a coin flip. It does not matter how you get to the forest....once you are aware that you can summon it into existence whether by yourself or with another, you can examine it. Many have realized this and built whole pharmaceutical industries on the vampiric observations they made and the ideologies they spit back at those about whom they made there generally assumptive assertions. This is what  I call the "reflection industry" which spits YOU back at YOU. Its in self help books, job titles (which make you think your position is an honorific),  Facebook personalty questions, and even in reality TV shows. What better way is there to assert who you are, they to bombard you with the other, that which you are not. You are not the women with 1000 kids on a TV show, or honey Boo Boo's mom. You are better then them.....hey thats you in a nutshell. You like blue....long walks on the beach, and even though you had a baby at 17, you are not a typical Teen Mom. Russian immigrants thank god they arent blacks ("they just climbed down from trees you know"...."we got jobs"), and blacks thank god they are not honkies. We are swallowing a culture in which who we are is a mix defined  between what we label ourselves as, and what we are not. This culture is emergent becasue we live in a schizophrenic world and are thus mentally unstable for it. Psychology, and science pertaining to medicine in general, acts like a solution, an aloe for the burn that is our complex social structure. THIS IS A LIE. Psychology is evil, not in any Scientology way or becasue aliens form EXRON 5 are behind it in an attempt to control humanity. Psychology is evil because it exists as a tool for us to replicate culture. Replicate society exactly as it is . So that the people with agency or authority keep it, and those without it have to stumble through the refuse of those who have it, for an attempt to gain it. Psychology like many other things, such as media etc reinforces class, racial and other labelesque boundaries. It pretends not too, and all of its experiments point to a falsely constructed, capitalistic end point. A progressive pinnacle, as if human health and spiritual well being is improved by the technological and sociological progress of man. Mans emotional happiness in not based on fancy space toys, and ginormous entities like the UN. Men pray for rain and healthy children and crops. Culture is often the enemy lieing about what we truly pray for, putting the thoughts of the many.....and presenting it to the individual as the thoughts of the one. This can be good and bad, depending on how the individual sees himself in the universe and whether he has a self thats goal oriented, or if he is stimulus oriented and controlled by the wills and desires and energies around him, constantly at their whim. (Fig 1). Psychology masquerades as help, but unknowingly is to does harm.

We have all of these experiments,  which point to the awful things man is capable of doing to each other and to himself, and what drives mans actions for good or for bad. They apparently tell us "hey we are all in this together". "Don't shock the man at the other end of the wire", "dont acts like a dick just because you are a prison guard", "dont assume others will help the little old lady being mugged". We are all one happy family. We can all be good normal humans.....KOOOMBIA MY LORD. BUT WHAT IS NORMAL? Certainly those with downs syndrome are not normal. Dyslexia is not normal. OCD, ADD, Bulimia all not normal. Those are abnormal. Or at best subnormal. FUCK THAT

THERE IS NO NORMAL. You are just as human as the homeless lunatic, or the aspie in your class. That drummer who fails to catch social cues is normal, he just has a condition others dont....a set of behaviors. Denoting a set of behaviors for the actual person, is called otherhood. It means you are labeling them and othering them. It takes away their agency and their free will; especially if they self inflict a name onto themselves in which they do not believe. This is what you do when you try to help normalize people. You are just comparing them to the herd, a fake algorithm, an entity which doesn't exist. It is an ideal, a pinnacle in a capitalist self replicating construct towards which all must strive. FUCK THAT

You might as well electrocute people who get answers wrong. We have made virtually no progress, we just now use the balm presented to cure social discomfort as a cream to cause social irritation. Hey it will sting....but thats just the toxins of who you are, leaving our social confirm.

Fuck That

If you think you are so free from this, watch the next commercial for someone with diarrhea or aids or ED. Hey how can you have a sunny bathtub day, without the rock hard dick and the cholesterol  free blood vessels? You either have to be "healthy" or take this or do this....and give us money


If we looked at healthy people and sick people in the same light, sick people wouldn't need all this shit we sell them. But we dont, sick people need to buy things to be more like us. Psychology is evil....because it is and matter how matter how cruel.

Fuck That 

Retarded people have sunny days too, you pretentious turds, Probably when others just accept their "abnormalities" for traits and not features that define who they are.  


You are not your paycheck
You are not you obsessive compulsive disorder
and if you think you are healthy, then you fallen into the trap; which states that there is a set way to be healthy.

Don't sell me sunshine in a pill, if you assume i have never seen the sun before
Fuck YOU

The nature of psychology implicitly creates categorizations, it implicitly divides.....becasue it is implicitly evil in it current Dr/Client form.

Fuck the cognitive dissonance, which Shrinks push down your throat. The lexicon of orthodoxy. The doxy of materialism incarnated in hope and dream.  

And for those of you, who are in the industry and think, this doesn't apply to you,
Whether your observing Milgrim, or participating in, it does not matter.
If you support a system with out at least acknowledging that you support it, then you are factious.

And even if you are date entry clerk at an out patient facility, by participating in the system, you are helping replicate it.

I am not asking you to stop, but i am asking you to acknowledge.....its the first step

 I KNOW WHAT I DID WHEN I WORKED FOR you know what you are doing?

Need I mention Nazis and just following orders or following an ideology blindly.

Don't let anyone put a schism between who you are and anything. These schisms are what cause schizophrenia.....same Latin root.
You are one with the world and all in it....its not a contest....least of all with yourself

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"

dont let anyone tell you or anyone you care for otherwise.

least of all these quacks we call Psychologists

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