Sunday, April 13, 2014

Where art

Where art
When art
How art
my stinky one
The one i really miss
whose mouth and breasts
and ideas
I've always longed to kiss
For long, We have no contact
and tis really a shame
for what is love is sweet like you
by any other name.
Most ones wont understand you
the way i get your jibe
but i when i did not hear from you
i felt a nasty vibe
but peace and understanding
was all i hoped to bring
and i never want to claim you out
from me you'll get no ring.
But time like you- A mistress
is one i cant endure
and so i want to know when
I can even up the score.
and see your pretty face again
walking through my door.
I heard the food is spicy down in Mexico
but i just want you to cum home
so i can eat your taco.

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