Monday, September 5, 2016

A poem about Dean Moriarty inspired by ******** GASP********.....someone other then Tom

I think people try to redeem
Too much to their own self-esteem,
and seem to be very keen
in focusing on sexual conquest.
The quest Dean enjoyed;
But the journey is not part for everyone's ploys.
That is.... were the Narrator comes in,
But many people circa 2016
do not have a Narrator with whom they'd be kean to be kin.
They only have Dean Moriarty.
And while its a big deal
, to know how to steal.... women's hearts.
It takes a strong voice in your own
To be smart
or smarter at least then Dean Moriarty
Who was passionate but not a big smartie.
He forgot that some cant forget to return.

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