Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Narrow Lanes @ 31

Took the wrong exit today
Seems that I went the wrong way.
But down there I saw a sign
It said "Caution Bridge Ahead"
And below was a picture
Of a road that was all intertwined.

Still I needed to reach home
So I went on straightaway
Then I saw another sign
All it said was "Narrow Lanes"

Narrow Lanes and 31
There were Narrow Lanes at 23.
I like Narrow Lanes a lot
Cause, they're still wide enough for me.

Damn I used to be afraid.
Of the many possabilites.
But Narrow Lanes are up ahead
Thing are going easy perfectly.

When I go to the store.
Choices are made again and still
I am always looking for....
A little more
But nothing
Will quite thy will

Narrow Lanes at 31
Are like Narrow Lanes at 23
I don't mind the Narrow Lanes.
Cause they're still wide enough for me.

I've been on the wide  highway
Plenty of times
Bumper to bumper
Summer Heat
Construction that never ends
And Orange Signs
Unable to move
In the large and widened street.

There are no trees
There's little sky
Concrete pathway straight to hell
And though the lanes are broad
Where I am going.
I cant tell.

I've been along the thin and winding road
I've crashed my car there thrice or twice.
And when I sat outside the wreckage of my life
I breathed the air in and I had to say it was quite

Give me back alleys and small streets.
Narrow Lanes are I need
Narrow Lanes at 31 or 23
They're Still wide enough for me


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