Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Red Headed Rose

 I never tried to understand…
The things which you have said you’ve done
Those things were yours, were yours alone
And I was just glad … you had fun

But I always stared when you left.
And wept inside thoughts of my desire
Then I would call you for days
While white thought was burned by black fire.

I think that everybody knows
The truth which you think few can see
You are my Red Headed Desert Rose.
And I just want to pluck thee.

Pluck Thee
Pluck Pluck Thee
Pluck Pluck Pluck Thee

Your petals will fall one by one.
Your essence it will see you through
You’ve only seen one side of me
Now let me see both sides of you.

Its really elementary
Like numbers and the alphabet
There are either the things you do,
Or there are the things that you regret.

You are a read-headed desert rose
And I just want to pluck thy heart
But here is the thing that I propose
You want pluck me, in your part

Pluck Pluck Pluck pluck pluck me
Pluck Pluck Pluck pluck pluck you. .

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