Monday, December 25, 2017

Who Called You Monster ?

The monster is gone.
Where did he come from?
He wants to consume,
but he doesn't know what.
He's sure to return;
and where did he go now?
Where did he come from,
And where did he go.?
The monster is in me,
but you're the one who made him.
The monster is in you,
it was made by my hands.
Sometimes he is good,
Sometimes he is bad
Sometimes he is winged
Sometimes he is horned.
Most times he is just an empty mirror.
Its all in your head,
croaks joking The Raven.
It all in you heart
cries softly The Dove
The empty reflection
of all that cant be forsaken.
The Monsters of Fear
The Monsters of Love.
To be closed, to be open?
To be open, to be closed?
To dare to stand
in front of the mirror
and not strike a pose.
Reflection reflection.
You are my monster.
I will not slay you.
You are mine I suppose.
Sometimes you're monster
But its not that scary.
Sometimes you're the beast
Sometimes you're the knight.
But which is the hero?
And where is the maiden?
Who called you monster anyway?
Emotion Stay.

Saturday, May 27, 2017


I asked the Goddess why she made me flawed. She responded by admitting She herself wasn't flawless. We're made to become more. More forever, past even the grave. Stardust ever-expanding into space

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Woodhaven Road (Stream of Consciousness)

Lady selling roses by the road
Speed Limit 55.
Everyone has an SUV these days
They are merging into my lane
And I kinda wish that they would die.
An old man in a Volkswagen passes to my left.
Cars dont look like they used more
Speed limit raised to 70
Look at the dune buggy go
Here I am
I am passing Thornton road.
License Plates from Jersey
I better just avoid.
I only take the exits I desire
But hey... thats life
There is an emergency
At the Northbrook Apartment Complexies
Two red cars hit each other
Now the tow truck has arrived
Estimated time to go
-Till i get to 676
Is 50 minutes if go fast
but 30 if I am in a fix.

My Road
My Road
They gave one to the queen
Even though she is mean
She Royalty I guess
But then I do digress

And there are clouds up in the sky.
The sky is blue
The rain is gone
I am driving down on Woodhaven today.

The grass is green upon the hill
Near Bristol Pike
And under the low bridge I go
And if I was too high I'd hurt myself.

The Sun...Ou Ou
The sun is shining thru
On Woodhaven road.
Now I am past Bristol Pike
I am going fast.

And I am going home to Hawaii, PA
To deal with ego crusted shit
And Facebook statues

I made them angry
Steve's so angry

So here I am driving slow
Driving fast
And recording into my phone
The things I see

Cause Here I am
Here I am
on 95

Woodhaven road
You were so great
You are the Northeast's
Main gate

A place that people go  to see things
More Authentically

Now here I go
This is the End
Why cant we all be Facebook friends?

Why do we argue so much
Why do we hate
Why do we sludge

We take ourselves too seriously
but here things appear differently.
On Woodhaven
Woodhaven road

Woodhaven Road
Where every prince is a toad

Woodhaven Road
Woodhaven Road


Monday, September 5, 2016

A poem about Dean Moriarty inspired by ******** GASP********.....someone other then Tom

I think people try to redeem
Too much to their own self-esteem,
and seem to be very keen
in focusing on sexual conquest.
The quest Dean enjoyed;
But the journey is not part for everyone's ploys.
That is.... were the Narrator comes in,
But many people circa 2016
do not have a Narrator with whom they'd be kean to be kin.
They only have Dean Moriarty.
And while its a big deal
, to know how to steal.... women's hearts.
It takes a strong voice in your own
To be smart
or smarter at least then Dean Moriarty
Who was passionate but not a big smartie.
He forgot that some cant forget to return.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fleas at Toot's and Tiffany's

They asked, why are you in a car eating Wawa?
Under 95 in the heat of the summer!?
With 3 cats in your car?!
And I said we got fleas at Toots and Tiffany's,
and we had to fog, vacuum and Bombe the house.
We got them from one of her hippie band mates;
and if I see him, he better watch out

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Blue Notebook State 47

Barn with little hemlock at state 47.
State 47 to me.
Home to someone else.
A nice place to write a poem
A tough place to mow the lawn.
and all those coke sniffing Senators in Washington DC
what do they know?
A bunch of Elvis's teaching, blackie how to dance.
How to rock bottom hard and keep rolling. I gotta give it to you.
3 Vowels and 1 Contestant
and yet you you still keep yourself together.
What will you do when I move to state 48
What will I do with my memories of you?

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I guess the things that you say are true

Well I might not understand all the things you've been through.
And I guess it would be different, if I was you.
But the thing you have to understand, before you give me advice
Is that you aren't so smart and you aren't that wise.


I guess the things that you say are true
But they're still just your point of view
Cant you see it not all right
To be this was all day and night.

Everyone goes through things differently
Choruses cant be made from singing separately.
It can only be conscientiously.

I guess we each have to understand that society
is all big and grand
but it is no promised land
and if we dont work toghether
we will die alone

So we must atone