Monday, December 25, 2017

Who Called You Monster ?

The monster is gone.
Where did he come from?
He wants to consume,
but he doesn't know what.
He's sure to return;
and where did he go now?
Where did he come from,
And where did he go.?
The monster is in me,
but you're the one who made him.
The monster is in you,
it was made by my hands.
Sometimes he is good,
Sometimes he is bad
Sometimes he is winged
Sometimes he is horned.
Most times he is just an empty mirror.
Its all in your head,
croaks joking The Raven.
It all in you heart
cries softly The Dove
The empty reflection
of all that cant be forsaken.
The Monsters of Fear
The Monsters of Love.
To be closed, to be open?
To be open, to be closed?
To dare to stand
in front of the mirror
and not strike a pose.
Reflection reflection.
You are my monster.
I will not slay you.
You are mine I suppose.
Sometimes you're monster
But its not that scary.
Sometimes you're the beast
Sometimes you're the knight.
But which is the hero?
And where is the maiden?
Who called you monster anyway?
Emotion Stay.